Boys Girls
Kinder Garten Pink Checked Shirt, Black with Red Checked grey Half pant, sandals and School Belt. Pink Checked Shirt, Black With Red Pinafore, White Ribbon and Sandals.
Std I to V Striped Shirt / Grey Half pant, Sandals and School Belt. White Shirt, Blue pinafore, White Ribbon, Sandals and School Belt.
Std VI to XII White Shirt (Full Sleeves for Hr. Sec.), Grey Full Pant, Grey Tie, Grey Socks,  Black Leather Shoes and School Belt. Blue Salwar, Striped Kameez, Striped Waist Coat, White Ribbon, Blue Socks & Black Cut Shoes.
Uniform on Wednesdays
Boys Girls
Montessori and Std I − V Gray Half Pant & House Banian Gray Skirt & House Banian
Std VI to XII White Full Pant & House Banian, White Canvas Shoes. White Salwar Kameez & House Over Coat, White Canvas shoes.
Ncc, Scouts & Guides, Cubs & Bulbuls Prescribed Uniform on all Tuesdays.
For Parents
Should avoid wearing casual home wear while entering the School Campus