“Education is not the Preparation for Life, Education is Life Itself” – John Dewey

Don Bosco School emphasizes on the all-round formation of every child who are entrusted with. “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” says Aristotle. Hence, we train our children to educate with their hearts not with the mind alone. In order to give all-round formation and to educate with hearts, we teach them to set the priorities first.
The priorities are thus:
                                        1. Love and Trust God
                                        2. Be Disciplined
                                        3. Acquire Knowledge
We educate them to keep God as their first priority. When they focus on God, they will be disciplined and they can acquire knowledge automatically.
I wish all the Children, a happy and all-round formation and learning.

Fr. Jayaraj SDB
Vice Principal